What is URL Shorten & Why we make our URL short

URL shorter is a technique to short our long url into very small length. Url shortens transform long url into manageable link that almost never exceed 20 characters. Any longer url is not look good and very harder to manage, and also any long url is very typical to remember. Url shortens are convert your long url into some small pieces of information that may contain alphabet or digit (0-9, a-z, A-Z ) combination. Today available many sites which provide this facility like tinyurl.com, cli.gs, zi.ma, bit.ly, twul.ln, is.gd, poprl.com, ad.vu, tr.im, budurl.com.

Here we see why we use url in short form and how this useful for our web culture and the growth of the internet. Here is the 4 reason for why url shortens are useful for the web.

       1. Easy to remember

Long url is very typical to write and read for any one, and also very typical to remember for future use. Url shortens is solve our this problem by reducing the Url size.
This :
Or This:
In above url hold 70-71 character but after using url shortners this convert with only 20 character. So, here reduce 50 characters that really amazing, and this url is easy to maintain and easy to remember compare to long url.

      2. Track your user

The another reason to user shorter url is to track your user. Bit.ly and other service sites are provide facility to track your site user, geographical location, the web page where the link was clicked and more. This type of information is very invaluable for web master and companies – it shows where customer are coming from, when they are coming and what interests them.
And this type of information is very useful for companies to make their product more better and for more targeted user.

3. Convert into Social Media
There was a good piece on GigaOM that discussed how Bit.ly could lanunch its own version of Diggs. While this may or may not be Bit.ly’s eventual goal (just like Digg, a URL shortener could be gamed), it’s clear that the data that URL shorteners can accumulate, coupled with the rise of short URL sharing on Twitter and other websites, could amount to some innovative social media services that display popular links, rank domains, and act as a filter or aggregate of social media content.

URL shorteners, in their own way, work as aggregates of information. This can lead to some useful mashups and innovations in how people share and digest content.

4. Adjust Anywhere
Short Url can adjust anywhere. If you want to open any site in your mobile or pda browser then its very troubling to write long url. Here use short url that ease to remember and write into small browser window. And without short url twitter.com message size is become more larger comparatively today. With the short url we can send our message with url.